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7 Free & Money Saving actions to decrease your carbon burn

  1. Walk or bike ride instead of driving when shopping, meeting friends, working out, eating out, school drop-off, etc.

  2. Wash your clothes on cold setting and wash early in the day

  3. Dry clothes on clothes line (see #2 so that there is sun for drying)

  4. In winter throw on a sweater and decrease the thermostat setting (66 is refreshing)

  5. In summer wear light clothing and increase the thermostat setting a few degrees (80 is the new 72)

  6. Check that refridgerator is running between 35-37 degree F and freezer settings at 0 F. Lower than this is using extra energy.

  7. Do not commute solo, instead try to carpool, take public transportation, bike or WFH

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